Nearest station : Gakugeidaigaku
Open : 10:00 - 20:00
Address(GoogleMap) : 2-36,Chuuouchou,Meguro-ku,Tokyo
Official Site :

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As a 1st article of this website, let me introduce "Streamer Coffee Company" at Gakugeidaigaku.

Definitely this is one of my favorite cafe in Japan. And also, now i'm creating this website in this Cafe with creative atmosphere.
"Streamer Coffee Company", you can reach here about 5minutes from Gakugeidaigaku station. And actually this cafe is located at under the railway viaduct. So its easy to find.
Due to located under the railway, this cafe's celling is high. As you may know, its a little bit unusual in Tokyo. This cafe give me the impression that I'm in overseas. At first, this atmosphere is good.

Counter space also provides power supply. In Tokyo, place where provides wifi and power supply is very valuable.

2nd floor is "KILO SHOP" which is an old-lothes store. And there is also some of seats in 2nd floor.

And this cafe has bicycle stands. In Tokyo, bicyle is most useful vehicle. I almost go arround by bicycle, so its happy to me.
This cafe's unique favorite point is, there is a cool basket goal in cafe lol. This point is really unique and impressive for me. When the favorite things is near, we can settle down :)

Signature item is "Streamer Latte(about $5.3)". If you come here at 1st time, I recommend you to order this. Mug size is large like a U.S.A's one. And like a logo, barista draw a simple and beautiful latte art. Features of tastes, I think steam milk's quantity is larger than usual. So "Streamer Latter" is smooth, and easy to drink.

Below item is a "Military Latte". Pattern seems to be a military pattern. This is a streamer coffee's "Matca latte". It includes white chocolate.

And of course they provide other menu and drink is not coffee(Thai tee,Cocoa, Juice). So you can come with friends who doesn't like coffee :).
As I said "i'm creating this website in this Cafe", so this cafe provides comfortable free wifi as "Tourist WIFI @ STREAMER". You can get password from staff. And there is many power supply. It's really good point of me. Because I really like to write a code, draw a (digital) picture in cafe. Good cafe latte, Basket Goal, Wifi. This cafe provide a lot of essential things for me.
So let's try to go "Streamer Coffee Company".

(NOTE) In weekend, there is little bit crowded especially lunch time.
(NOTE) To go to rest room you need to get big key from STAFF.