Japanese Basketball Shop/Brand


Nearest station : Komazawadaigaku
Open : 12:00 - 18:00
Regular Holiday : Wednesday
Address(GoogleMap) : 5-17-13,Komazawa,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo
Official Site : http://ryzm.net/
Facebook Page : Ryzm

Map area

As a 2nd article, I'd like to introduce "Ryzm" at Komazawadaigaku.

Ryzm is the basketball shop in Komazawadaigaku. Ryzm also creates their own brand.
"Ryzm", you can reach here about 10minutes~15minutes from Komazawadaigaku station. Here is close to Komazawa Olympic Park. Along the street, there are many cafes and knick-knack(Zakka) stores. Komazawa Park Avenue is interested area. I recommend you to walk around for shopping and lunch at Komazawa Park Ave. And if you have time, please go arround Komazawa Olympic park.

My basketball career started here for 15 years ago.
It means I have played basketball at Komazawa park for 15years. My basketball fashion is changing and moving with Ryzm.
Ryzm is a memorable place for me.

Ryzm is not wide, but a lot of clothes are displayed crowdedly.
Ryzm mainly deal in their original brand(brand) and Aktr,AAA(Aktr All Activity), and vintage import clothes.
First, please look around a lot of items. And if you have any question, lets feel free to communicate with owner(Hirota-san). He is really friendly :).


My favorite item of Ryzm is game shorts and tops. Two-tone color is a unique combination, so you can combine this item with a lot of patterns. Ryzm's shorts and tops, dry quickly is also nice.
Ryzm release a lot of color combination by every seasons.
I have over 5 patterns of them.

Basuken(Basketball Dog)

Basuken"basketball-dog" is Ryzm's original charactor.
Here is official fun page of Facebook.
Facebook page


And, I strongly would like to introduce Aktr in this article. Aktr is also a Japanese bland. Aktr provides many type of fashion not only for basketball but also lifestyle. At first, please look at Their product page.

2015AW / 2016SS

Ryzm is one of the few shop to deal AAA(Aktr All Activity).
AAA is different concept line of Aktr.
AAA's product page is here

AAA product page

AAA provides not only normal sports wear, AAA creates thirt, jacket and so on. AAA's thirt is my favorite one.

Not only design, as a quality point of view, its really good. So if you are interested in Aktr, you can try it at Ryzm :).

(NOTE) Sometimes Ryzm is closed irregularly.
If you can read Japanese, you can check status on Facebook page.
Or you can ask directly at Facebook page or twitter.