Japanese original handkerchief Shop/Brand


Nearest station : Sangen-Jaya or Ikejiri-Ohashi
Open : 12:00 - 20:00
Regular Holiday : Wednesday
Address(GoogleMap) : 1-11-11,Taishido,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo
Official Site : http://www.htokyo.com
Facebook Page : H TOKYO
Online Shop : http://old-fashioned.jp

Map area

As a 3rd article, I'd like to introduce stylish handkerchief shop "H Tokyo" at Sangen-Jaya.
Here is also close to Ikejiri-Ohashi station.

H TOKYO is the handkerchief shop in Sangen-Jaya.
"H TOKYO", you can reach here about 10minutes~15minutes from Sangen-Jaya or Ikejiri-Ohashi station.
H TOKYO is on the Mishuku street, there are many reataurant, bar, cafes and knick-knack(Zakka) stores and Park(Setagaya-Park).
Here is a little bit far from Station, but on the way here, there are many shops.


Amazingly, this shop always display over 200 handkerchiefs.
I believe you can find your favorite one.
Cloths, there are many types. Like Japanese cloths, import cloths, vintage cloths, and so on.
Pattern and design, they creates from formal to casual. you can see some of colors from this online shop(unfortunately only ship in Japan)
And all of handkerchiefs are sewed in Japan. All of items are Japan original.
So its nice for souvenir.
Also, basically their products are short lot product.
Item's refresh term is fast, everytime I come to here, I meet new item.
This is the one of the reason, customer go this shop again and again, I guess.


Not only handkerchief, they are creating other products. For example, this trunks, socks.


They provides embroidery service. You can order it on shop. For example name embroidery.(It requires additional cost.)

In this time, I bought this simple pattern :) 1296JPY.

I promise you can meet your favorite hankerchief in "H TOKYO".